Sunday, September 19, 2010

Greetings from Minnesota!

Hello friends!

I arrived in Duluth, Minnesota last night to participate in The Minnesota Mile that took place this morning. By entering this 1-mile race, I will be placed in the lottery for the famous Grandma's Half Marathon next June. No one had to place or qualify...just had to participate. I set a goal to come in under 8 minutes and finished in 7:15. Horray!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get picked...stay tuned.

It's really beautiful up here and the house where I'm staying is right on Lake Superior...amazing!!! I can't believe how giddy i get over hills and old buildings. I'm still a Northern girl at heart. We started our day with a nice warm-up to the starting line. After the race, we walked back to the house in a crisp 54 degrees to a homemade caramel waffle breakfast with all the fixings. Next up, more walking...all along the lake with a little stop for an ice cream sundae and a stroll through a gorgeous rose garden. Several hours later we stopped for some real food and after heading back to the house, I changed into some snuggly clothes and hit the couch with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace. Did I mention I'm in heaven?

Sorry I can't provide any local Ft. Lauderdale dining tips today but I'm NOT sorry the reason is because I'm on vacation. By the end of this trip I can certainly give you some pointers on where to go for what in Duluth but only upon request because I am going to assume there is a slim chance anyone reading my blog is headed there any time soon:)

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