Sunday, September 19, 2010

Greetings from Minnesota!

Hello friends!

I arrived in Duluth, Minnesota last night to participate in The Minnesota Mile that took place this morning. By entering this 1-mile race, I will be placed in the lottery for the famous Grandma's Half Marathon next June. No one had to place or qualify...just had to participate. I set a goal to come in under 8 minutes and finished in 7:15. Horray!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get picked...stay tuned.

It's really beautiful up here and the house where I'm staying is right on Lake Superior...amazing!!! I can't believe how giddy i get over hills and old buildings. I'm still a Northern girl at heart. We started our day with a nice warm-up to the starting line. After the race, we walked back to the house in a crisp 54 degrees to a homemade caramel waffle breakfast with all the fixings. Next up, more walking...all along the lake with a little stop for an ice cream sundae and a stroll through a gorgeous rose garden. Several hours later we stopped for some real food and after heading back to the house, I changed into some snuggly clothes and hit the couch with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace. Did I mention I'm in heaven?

Sorry I can't provide any local Ft. Lauderdale dining tips today but I'm NOT sorry the reason is because I'm on vacation. By the end of this trip I can certainly give you some pointers on where to go for what in Duluth but only upon request because I am going to assume there is a slim chance anyone reading my blog is headed there any time soon:)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just so you know...

Happy Friday!

I think I gave you some pretty good insight into what I'm into but I really didn't mention a vice I developed about 7 or 8 years ago...I LOVE SWEETS!!!

Not an unusual thing but seriously, I have a major sweet tooth that kind of came out of nowhere.  I'm pretty sure my mom is still in denial about it seeing as I was the exact opposite as a kid.  Weird, I know.  I most definitely preferred carrot sticks and pretzels to cake or cookies.  However, my favorite candy was always and still is anything gummy.  The BEST gummy bears in the world...Haribo Gold Gummy Bears!!  Anyway, now you can see that I will also talk a lot about bakeries I found to be worth a visit.  I always...and I mean ALWAYS...have room for dessert when I'm out to eat and I will let you know what I find.

A follower, who just happens to be my sweets soulmate, asked me to give my opinion on a bakery that recently opened next to the 7-11 on Las Olas Blvd.  It's called Barbara Young Family Bakery...1523 E. Las Olas Blvd.  I pass this place on a daily basis and what caught my eye was the "OPEN" sign in the window and thought it was a cool font (I went to school for graphic design so I look at lettering).  I finally made it in and picked up some homemade chocolate chip cookies that were 3 for $1.99 and a key lime torte that my boyfriend and I shared after dinner.  The cookies were amazing...perfect amount of chocolate chunks and soft dough.  The key lime torte was not overly sweet with just the right amount of key lime tartness.  The texture was the perfect creaminess. I am a bit picky about key lime absolute favorite key lime pie of all time is the one they make fresh at Joe's Stonecrab in Miami Beach.  I  can't get over the thick graham cracker crust.

So for some key lime yumminess without the drive to SoBe, check out Barbara Young and have a nice substitute.  I would also like to make an honorable mention to the pastry lady (whom I don't know) that makes desserts for a little italian bistro called Giorgio's on 17th Street Causeway.  Her key lime pie is the closest thing to Joe's in taste and texture.  I love this spot for lunch or dinner and always hope they have the key lime pie but it is pretty popular so sometimes they're out.  Stop in with fingers crossed:)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Intro: Part 2

Hi friends!

"Intro Part 2"  is to give you a clue as to why I eat the way I eat.  I call myself a other words, I do not eat meat of any kind (not even chicken) but do eat fish.  I have had many people ask me a series of questions when they find this out.

For instance:
Q: "Have you ever eaten meat?"
A: Yes

Q: "How long ago did you give up eating meat?"
A: 2 years ago this coming Thanksgiving

Q: "Do you miss it or feel any difference physically?"
A: I do not miss meat at all and shortly after I gave it up I felt lighter and cleaner.  I don't have that heavy       feeling in my stomach the way I did before.

Q: "What drove you to give up eating meat in the first place?"
A: It was pretty much when I decided to change my eating habits.  I had given up eating any red meat a long time ago for health reasons and discovered that when I did eat steak or something similar, I felt very sick to my stomach.  Years later I found myself around several friends and coworkers that didn't eat any meat and thought I'd give it a whirl.  Coincidentally, a month or so after that I came across an article about the food industry and what they do to animals in the processing.  Not only was it cruel and unnecessary the way they were handled, but in many cases, the animals are injected with hormones to pump up their weight in order for these companies to make more money in the long run.  In addition, most inspections and tests for bacteria made by the FDA are done long after the meat (chicken, for instance) is packaged and on it's way to your local grocery store shelves.

Now please let me say that I am not grossed out by anyone in my company eating meat.  I can still appreciate good food of any kind.  In fact I very much enjoy hosting dinner parties in my home and have absolutely no problem preparing meat for my boyfriend and family or friends.  I just simply choose not to eat it for the reasons listed above.  And I can go on in detail about other information on the food industry in our country but I will say this...if you're interested in finding out how it all works and want to get a behind-the-scenes look at how meat goes from farm to plate, watch "Food Inc."  For some it is just for others.

Now that you have my background, here is my mission:
Femme Foodie is basically to give advice to anyone interested in restaurants, wine bars, and food-based hangouts in the South Florida area.  I will post and comment on my favorite places to eat and drink, what to order, and where to go when you're in the mood for a specific kind of night out.  I hope to enlighten my audience on what I like and don't like and hopefully help those that eat like me find new and exciting foods that fit them.  I want to encourage you to enjoy the wonderful places we have right here in our own backyard...this is a great place to eat, drink and be merry!!!

Intro to Femme Foodie by Dre Georgie

Well here I am!  I must have thought about starting a blog for the longest time and have found that over the past year or so there have been signs pointing in this direction.  Finally, after much consideration and wonderment whether I really have anything to say that might interest someone, I start my very first blog entry.

Let me introduce name is Dre Georgie and I am a food and fitness-obsessed chick living in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Before I came to realize how much I enjoyed anything related to eating, drinking, and working out, I was just a typical transplant from New Jersey about 12 years ago on a mission to become an airline pilot.  Well, without getting into all the details in between I fell in love with the cosmetology business and became a hairstylist.  I sometimes wish I could say, with passion, that I eat, sleep and dream hair but if you want to know the truth...I eat, sleep and dream eating!  Now please don't get me wrong...I LOVE what I do.  Doing hair and working in the most wonderful salon with the most creative and fun people is something I cherish and enjoy every day.  But most of us have a hobby, or obsession or two and mine happens to be food, wine and endurance fitness.

I guess the food thing started about 6 years ago when I, a girl from a New York Italian family, had to learn to cook for herself.  You would think that this would be something I had been doing since I was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter considering my parents should have been professional chefs but I was totally uninterested.  I think they had a heart attack when I expressed a need to really learn how to do anything besides boil a pot of water.  I was one step away from Carrie Bradshaw's use of an oven as extra storage.  Even then cooking was more about the basics and nothing about a true interest...yet.  At the time I started dating someone who's professional life really revolved around client dinners to amazing restaurants mainly in Miami Beach and I was able to be a part of that.  We went out to dinner either with fun business people or by ourselves.  Needless to say, we ate out 90% of the time.  We lived and socialized in Miami Beach so there were so many wonderful restaurants to try...most of which I could not afford on my own.

Three years later that relationship ended but my love for food, wine and unique places to eat went on and strengthened.  I moved up to Fort Lauderdale to be close to my friends and family and made this city my true home.  I had to come up with new restaurants to try on a budget that didn't rack up my credit cards.  After a few months, I embarked on a new relationship and together we explored many of the hidden treasures Fort Lauderdale had to offer.  I also became an avid triathlete and runner and have done several races in the past year.  Five days a week I can be found in spin classes, on my road bike or pounding the pavement in my running sneakers.  I mention this because it ties into the way I eat even when I'm out.

This brings me to the reason I decided to start a blog of my very own.  I have certain dietary restrictions and preferences when I go to a restaurant (this I will get into later).  I also truly believe that this city and its surrounding towns have some pretty incredible places to wine and dine.  I simply want to share my thoughts.  I have been the go-to guide of local eateries and hang-outs for my clients and friends alike so why not expand that to a broader audience?

Here I go...